Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jesus, is it almost February?

We have done some moving around of things in the brewery operations and cellar space, and finally disposed of all of the former dead beat roomate's shit, to make room for more...yup, brewing stuff. My dear friend (and some of yours) Kevin is headed off to brewing school and we are stashing some stuff for him for the next few months.

With the addition of two new fridges (total of FIVE now), the draftiness and inefficient build of the house, my driving a vehicle that gets 10 miles to the gallon, and Rodney's 30 mile commute, I''m pretty sure we have the least green house and inhabitants in all of Seattle.I'm just waiting for someone to call me on it. We are in the middle of trying to figure something out, I promise hippies.

In other news, we have 10 gallons of Dopplebock bubbling away in Kevin's conical that was part of a very successful WAHA decoction clinic. I'm dumping the yeast tonight and brining it up for a diacetyl rest.The strain of yeast we used puts out a lot of sulfur, so basically the basement has smelled like a big fart for the past week or so.

I have a couple beers planned to make this week, including a variation of our Russian Imperial Stout, and another I'm planning on using an incremental sugar feeding method to boost the alcohol for a very special Halloween party that is in the works of being planned.

Cheers all and please check out Geoff Kaiser's awesome new page.