Monday, March 9, 2009

Russian Imperial Stout brewed!

We got the Russian Imperial Stout brewed down at The Powerhouse over the weekend, hit a gravity of 1.106 and now it is doing it's thing. This beer will age for a few months and be put on tap around August/September (mmmm 10% beer in late summer). In the meantime, we found a wet bourbon barrel that will be filled with 50 gallons of finished stout, aged for a while and tasted periodically. It was fantastic being back in my hometown at the place I had one of my first craft beers. Tim Paddy is a top notch dude, and made a long brew day very enjoyable. Hope some of you will be able to come down and try this when it is ready, and if you can't I have a feeling there may be some on tap at Beacon Hill. Thanks Alejandro for the in on the barrel! More later.