Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beard Related

But still kind of beer related, since we were sitting in The Bull and Bush in Denver, and we were drinking a lot of their awesome strong beer, when we decided that having a beard growing contest was in order. The rules were a little fuzzy, I know that we were to all put in 20 bucks, and I know we were supposed to go until Christmas time. That's about it. Chris, Jano, Tim and I are all sporting some pretty impressive beards right now. Tim and Jano are looking pretty lumberjack, and I haven't seen Chris in about a month, but I have a feeling he is definitely not going to be easy to beat.

So the question is how do we determine the winner? Shaving it all off and weighing the beard? Dipping our face in a bowl of water to find out the absorption rate? Points for grooming and maintenance? Any suggestions would be more than welcome.


Bri said...

Colin: I dont know what yours looks like, but please let Chris shave. His beard is out of control right now. I hate it :)

ibrew2 said...

I definately like the total weight of beard after mowing it off concept. I also like the mugshot/poll thing too.

ibrew2 said...

Great idea. I definately think total mass of beard once shaved off is the way to go. The mugshot idea is also a good one.