Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Berliner Weisse Brewed

After a rather long break from brewing, we brewed our Berliner Weisse on Sunday. With only 11 lbs. of grain for a 10 gallon batch, it was our smallest beer to date with an original gravity coming in at 1.030. This beer was not boiled, but brought up to a temperature around 210. 10 year old Hallertauer hops were used at first wort (beginning of sparge) to add some preservative qualities, but little to no flavor and bittering.The wort was then cooled with our new monster immersion chiller, and then inoculated with a blend of a clean german ale strain, lactobacillus, and brettanomyces.This should be ready to drink by late spring and should be fully matured by summer. A perfect refreshing low alcohol beer for a hot day.

I will be updating very soon. Lots of cool beer stuff happening lately!


Hillary said...

Good work, bro!

I drank a few Leffe Tripels in Holland for you this weekend.

<3 sis

DK said...

Glad you feeling well enough to brew again - that is a good sign.

ibrew2 said...

About Frickin' Time! I am very much looking forward to a wonderful little beer that smells and tastes like it was filtered through a sweaty horse blanket. (But a Northern French/Southern Belgian one)