Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Washington Homebrewers Association launched

At long last the WAHA website has been launched. There has been much activity in the past couple of meetings and things seem like they are coming together. With a very knowledgable and kind dude named Steve Antoch, I will be assisting him with the educational aspects of WAHA. Basicaly touching on things such as theory, recipe formulation, techniques, equipment...all that good stuff. Steve came up with a great idea of a mentoring map. Someone who is just starting out can contact an experienced brewer via an online push pin style map that is in their area. The two parties can agree on a date and get together and brew a batch. Another cool idea is to have a Trouble shooting/ Evaluation Program that integrates the map as well. If someone wants objective feedback for a certain beer or is having problems with off-flavor, they can be set up with a judge in the area to help them out. I'm excited to be part of this and to try and help out! Big Al took me under his wing a few years ago and I have made it my mission to try and do the same for others in the name of good beer. Check out the website and the yahoo group. Join up and get brewing.


Anonymous said...

And now the student has become the MASTER!!!
What a great resource WAHA will be for all who brew in our great state. You're going to be great at the education thing too!

ibrew2 said...

Yes, young glasshoppa is now the Yeast Whiperer. Lots of cool opportunities here. Perhaps one day soon, Big Al Brewing can be the WAHA brewery rep!