Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Greetings from Florida.

Getting this thing up and running again. Stay tuned for a whole new blog. Same poor writing, same great beer.Hope everyone at homes hasn't lost anything to frost bite. Just got done with a huge dinner with the family and mixing up a bottle of tasty Athol Brose.Cheers all and have a great holiday!


Geoff said...

You're mean.


ibrew2 said...

Never heard of or tried brose, but it sounds interesting. Glad somebody saw the sun over Christmas!

Cheers dude!

Mr. Kyle, Brewer said...

Greatings from the other side of the hill! I'm kyle and I stumbled onto your blog while trying to steal some good idea's for a dubble!

come check me out!

ibrew2 said...

Hey Kyle

I think I've met you before at some brewing and beer events. Colin is definately the guy to talk to regarding belgian strong ales. I checked out your blog, cool stuff. Keep on brewing. If you are inclined, watch the WAHA site, the Alers and the Cascade Brewers Guild site for different competitions coming up. All of the clubs have links from

Catch you later