Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SB 5060 signed today!

This has been a long time coming, but as of today SB 5060 has finally been signed into a law. I got a phone call from Tim "Dr. Decoctor" Hayner while the sweat was still damp on his palm from Gregoire's hand shake. Check out this NPR audio snippet if you're not up to snuff.

Mark Emiley, you are an amazing guy. I look up to you and am proud to call you a friend. Tom Schmidlin, Alejandro Brown, Tim Hayner, mad props guys. Cheers to all the people who called in and hounded their legislators, I'm raising a pint to you guys tonight. Let the celebrations begin! Now if we can just start putting the rush on SB 5615....


ibrew2 said...

Whooo Hoooo! Thanks for the kind words Colin! This was truly a group effort. Cool audio clip. I didn't know Mark had such a silvery voice. Sure, he's ripped and all, but the dulcet tones...Maybe we should call him "The Velvet Fog"

WRT SB 5615 - Baby steps my friend, baby steps.

Dr D

markemiley said...

Thanks Colin.
I wrestle under the name the Velvet Frog.