Monday, June 1, 2009

Puget Sound Pro Am

2nd Place for the Fantome inspired Saison and 2nd for an English Style Barleywine called Ol' Teabagger, which is actually a Belgian Dark Strong that is two years old. No firsts or making it to BOS this year, but I'm pretty happy. Selection from the professional breweries is next Saturday for the recipes they want to brew. A great event with 300 entries that ran very smoothly. Nicely done everyone. It gives me the warm fuzzies to know awesome brewers/judges like you guys are out there.


P. Fruit Trees said...

Way to go on the runner up status at the Pro-Am. I still have a bottle of the Tripel in my basement cellar, I think I might open that tonight.


Mr. Kyle, Brewer said...

I thought about entering my Barley Wine, but decided I just couldn't part with 3 bottles! HAHAHA Plus I'm a super pack rat and know if I just keep them in my house they'll be around forever. Plus, waiting for a good aging beer is more interesting than 84% of normal hobbies.


"E" said...

Nice job at the pro-am, I know what you mean about parting with 3 bottles. I'm glad I did since it ended up honorable mention in the BOS round.