Monday, June 29, 2009

Farewell Jim

I received some surprising and upsetting news today about the untimely death of Brewer Jim Quilter. I was fortunate enough to brew with him for the 2007 Pugest Sound Pro Am, and pick his brain about opening a brewery on many other occasions. He was an extremely kind, generous and funny guy. A true individual who's advice and talks I will greatly miss.

Here's to you my friend, I'm raising a pint and hoping whatever there is in store for us when it's over, you and your Iron Horse will have endless miles of open road to ride, and a pint glass that is never empty. Thanks for the laughs, advice, and let's not forget the beer that has made so many people happy!

Raise a pint for Jim if you have a chance. Slainte!


Jennifer said...

I'm one of Jim's daughters.

Thank you. I'm sure that my dad would love this post. I wanted to link you to my dad's obituary, there's a tribute page linked on there with photos and a guestbook.

Colin said...

Jennifer, it would be an honor. Best wishes to you and your family.